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Our History

In the current scenario, the consumers are moving towards digital and all their transactions mostly become online. So, we decided to give them quality products on best prices with excellent service through the same. As a first step, we have started the operation on E-Commerce and BPO service sectors to enter into this competitive marketing world.

Apart from Online sales we are concentrating on BPO sectors to serve our clients who depend on reliability, timing and quality with excellent results.

The directors of the Company have completed MBA in Madras University and experienced in different sectors and got more exposure in various fields with versatile knowledge and still keen to learn more.

Company Profile

Al-Rahman Paradise Trading & Services Pvt. Ltd. started on November 2016 with the intention to stabilize and standardize its wings on both Trading and Service part. As for as trading concern, the company involves in selling branded products through online, retail as well as bulk sales. The company has displayed their products in online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, EBay, Kraftly, etc., as a platform to sell.

Social Responsibility

Al-Rahman Paradise understands the importance of social responsibilities. Our participation in social responsibilities includes the following:

  • Help the society, country and the human kind.
  • Our little contribution to save electricity, water and grow trees to save our planet.

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